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Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida, Inc
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What is the Public Trust?

Public Trust Public Trust Law

The "Public Trust Doctrine" is an ancient legal doctrine dating back to the Roman Code of Justinian in 539 A.D. and holds that public lands and waters are held in trust for the use of all people. The doctrine has withstood the test of time and even became codified in the Florida Constitution in 1970.

The primary focus of the Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida is to uphold this doctrine through the zealous protection of the City of Jacksonville's Preservation Project and other federal and state protected lands and waters.

Commonly known as the "Public Trust," we pursue legal means, including litigation if necessary, to protect and preserve the public lands and waters. Additionally, we support the education of political leaders, government officials and citizens by participating in speaking engagements and writing articles and letters. The Public Trust also promotes the use and enjoyment of land and waters within the public trust.

Legal News

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  • Nat'l Park Service & City of Jax

    On April 30th, 2015 The National Park Service (NPS) and the City of Jacksonville announced that Jacksonville was selected as one of only 10 cities in the nation that will be participating in the NPS's Urban Agenda Initiative.  The initiative's goal is to create and deploy a coherent system of parks, programs, and partnerships within an urban landscape that will positively impact and enhance the city's economic vitality, historic preservation, natural and cultural resources, outdoor recreation, youth and education opportunities, urban design and sustainability. 

     Andy Miller (far left, Executive Director of the Public Trust) and Warren Anderson (far right, President of the Public Trust), joined park and city officials for the announcement of the Urban Agenda Initiative on 4/30/15 at Confederate Park.

  • Seismic Testing Article
  • Public Trust Sues Jaxport

    WHEN: Wednesday, May 7th, 10:30 am
    WHERE: Front steps of the Duval County Courthouse
    501 W Adams Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32202

    The lawsuit involves Jaxport's refusal to disclose information given to Martin Associates that is being used as the basis for the expenditure of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to dynamite and deepen the St. Johns River harbor.

    Representatives of the Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida and the St. Johns Riverkeeper will be present at the press conference to provide copies of the legal papers and to answer questions about the lawsuit.

    For more information email Andrew D. Miller,  or call 904.247.1972, extension 420.