Public Trust Law


Cary State Forest
7465 Pavilion Rd
Bryceville, FL 32009

Public Trust Law  Public Trust Law  Public Trust Law

Public Trust Law

Cary State Forest was one of the original Florida State Forests and was established in the mid-1930s. The state forest attracts many visitors each year for the educational experience provided by its open air teaching pavilion and nature trail. Cary State Forest plays an important role in the environmental education of the area's school children as it is a regular site for field trips.

The ecosystems at Cary State Forest are varied and include longleaf pine/wiregrass, mesic flatwoods, wet flatwoods, baygalls and cypress ponds. Other noted wildlife species found on the forest include: wild turkey, bobcat, great horned and barred owl, wild hog, white-tailed deer, pileated woodpecker, yellow-throated vireo and pinewood tree frog.

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