Public Trust Law


Kings Road Historic Park
1972 Kings Avenue   
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Public Trust Law  Public Trust Law  Public Trust Law

Begun approximately 1765, The Old King’s Road was Florida’s first highway. The road started in St. Augustine, passing through Cowford (Jacksonville), and eventually connected to Colerain, Georgia, on St. Mary’s River. The road was constructed by British engineers, following the established trails of indigenous people. Crushed Coquina shell was used as the surfacing material. Most of the highway has disappeared under pavement; however, traces remain. Aerial photography of Florida, taken from 1943 on, reveals small segments of the original road.

Kings Road Preserve consists of 4,857 acres divided on two tracts – Logan Tract and Red Shirt Farms. Amenities include hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, historical interpretation kiosks, and a wildlife management area allowing seasonal hunting.

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